Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Eoliths - How to independantly falsify almost all paleoanthopology theory in 5 Seconds.

 Look very carefully at the the image above. These gravel deposit finds have an obvious topology. 

In order to debunk many a theory so quickly, it must be assumed that you are already very local to a stratified and date-able ancient gravel deposit predating man or even ape theorized emergence. Then simply look for the same 'thumb' shape shown above (more here). Now check for details like an even patina, the curve or nail shape of the 'thumb' tip or the 'ape like' head profile shape shown top left in the stones, or the motif shown in the previous post (here). Other motifs to look out for are the elephant head or front half motif.

If you find such a shape with the common features, then congratulations the paradigm has been debunked and most of those theories and papers about human evolution, ape emergence, and origin can be washed away. This same shape can be found world wide most likely, and points to incredibly ancient human culture. Click here to see more evidence.