Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Australopithecus Prehistoric Artworks - Figure Stones

The Australopithecus genus was believed to have evolved some 4MYA in Africa. Here are some sculptured flint artworks that may show images of  Australopithecus or other similar ape hybrid forms. This motif characterized by a heavy brow ridge and hump toward the back of the 'head' can be found in many places worldwide including North America. As is the norm, all of these finds are from my site in Southern England and all show other motifs that fit the common lexicon. If the motif does in fact show images of Australopithecus then the assumption that they evolved in Africa some 4MYA is false, and they wondered the Earth at least 65 million years ago. This motif can be seen in many of my finds and in numerous pictures on this blog.

 Both of the above images are of the same flint figure stone, the above still shows a black mark as an 'eye' probably birch tar, both 'eye' features are dotted with the same tar like substances. More 'tar' can be seen to the right of the still image.

 This image from the previous post also shows the same motif facing leftward.

 Again the same motif can be seen leftward.

 The elephant head motif can be seen, the large leached ochre spot representing the eye feature.

 This image is of the same stone shown in the previous two images, it is a thin flint blade tool and is shown in a free standing position.

The same motif, but can you see the whole elephant shape and dino head shape?

The above find was recovered from over a meter down in stratified cretaceous chalk layers, again we can see the same motif facing left. Video of the recovery of this find can be seen in this post here.