Thursday, 16 February 2017

Figure Stones - Simple Genus

The last post here on Eoliths was a highly complex piece of stone art, showing numerous face profiles, at least 5 bears, many hominids, many complete apes, more than one half canine, even half a tortoise and the good old elephant front leg glyph can be seen, I will compile a list at some point and share via my Google Plus.

This post is about the simple figure stone's or portable rock art finds, and how the proto language evolved into a much simpler form, well at least there is evidence that something in the prehistoric 'evolved', even if it was only communication.

 The next five pictures below are of the same flint find from my usual hunting grounds, there is just enough detail in the piece to make up nearly all of the most common glyphs, and even if details were missing, the outline may suffice to be of use to someone who was well aware of the communication technique.

Above: A simple bear head glyph facing right.

 Above: Another bear glyph right, and a horse head glyph facing left, note the white flint representing the mane and darkened muzzle area. 

 Above: The good old elephant and front leg motif, note how turning the stone 1/4 counter clockwise a simplified thumb motif can be seen pointing right.

Above: An ape face motif to the left, and a bird motif to the right. You may also notice a face likeness in the center of the stone.

 The YouTube video below shows a collection of some of those Indian Effigy Stones, these could all have been used in a very similar way, very briefly at 4:37 you will see the stone has a chip for a 'thumb nail' and is very thumb shaped. I am not of the opinion that Indians from there supposed occupational time line made these items, although that does not mean that Indians of a much earlier date didn't. If you are unaware of my views on the thumb motif refer to this post (Portable Rock Art - Rule of Thumb) I have added a picture or two since originally posting.

The Video above is provided by William Shira.