Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Portable Rock Art - Complex Cognition

By now many readers of Eoliths blog and collectors alike have managed to pick up the gist of this art form, and are able to read a good amount of the portable rock art common lexicon, so it's about time I introduced some of the more complex pieces I have been holding back. These have many glyphs view-able from many angles, and are most often hominid based, showing an array of head profiles of ape like's and sometimes even sapiens sapiens face descriptions, or very close cousins. 

One thing I have noted is that these more complex figure stones quite often have a tesseract (an inverse tetrahedron) as shown in these two posts (Two Faced Figure Stone) and (Portable Rock Art - Elephant and Hominin). This piece, besides the many face profiles, has quite a few animal front half descriptions, this convention is becoming well know thanks to my input, and many of you have your own pieces.

To get the most of this piece (well, what is being displayed) will take some effort, this time I will save on my writing and allow readers to decode the stone themselves. A few clues: three different mammal front half's motifs can be found, some hominid face profiles are stacked one upon another, at least seven can be seen, and if you spot the 'gnome' your probably a first class reader. You will also likely see things that I have not yet.