Monday, 11 December 2017

Dinousour Fossills - Figure Stones.

This collection of fossils are all surface finds from my usual artifact hunting grounds.  These areas are steep chalk down lands laid  in the cretaceous period.  In this  location erosion has lead to  some very ancient flint tool and prehistoric art finds as well.

So what dinosaurs do these fossils come from and how old are they?

its hard to be sure, some are very close to fossils of known species, a good paleontologist should be able to tell us. As for age and the fossils being flint all we can be sure of is that they were laid down at least 70MYA being from cretaceous layers, but some could just as easily have been fossils back then.

Theropod toe claw is an obvious suggestion for this one and size wise would be that of a large adult

Figuratively it covers the basics for paleo communication, elephant head, feline front half, phallus, thumb, pointing finger, bovine, bird, gorilla strut and yes it says theropod claw very well. This was also something of a status symbol most likely.

 This one is also most likely a claw although it has fang like features, Pterosaur wing claw?. This could easily be used as a piercing tool and figurative device fossilized or not. An interesting bird optical illusion can be seen.

This one has a tooth like point to the right and a hand guard and grip, for those with smaller hands. This one could have been a worked piece of jaw bone before fossilization into flint. This one says fish no matter which way round it is.

 Another claw, this time from something less predatory? This item has the basic paleo language shape.

 This is a piece of a jaw bone, the remains of two molar like wide spaced teeth can be seen.

 This item was already a flint fossil before any workmanship was carried out. Use of pigment can be seen.