Friday, 9 March 2018

Straight to the point- Lithic assembledge proves figuration topology.

Categorizing the assemblage from my site is a very daunting task, here are some initial results.

The pictures show worked finds from my site, points were selected and placed upright, then points with similar visual characteristics were placed alongside, to some degree.

Everything is worked, all bar one are flint, the vast majority of the stones qualify as blade tools.

Statistics can be produced on qualifying features of any recognized topology.

This is not the whole assemblage of points from my site, as more are added better topographical data will only add credence to some quite obvious findings.

What topology? if he says 'points'...I'll BL^%&Y K%&L HIM!  
I cannot as yet give you any accurate statistics, much more work needs to be done, but here are some common qualities to look out for at the tips of the points:

Double chevrons,  chevrons, inverse Y shapes, marks, chips, spots, sculpted bobble shapes. 

Proof of a topology of shapes incorporated into the tips of the points.

Suggested interpretation:- hooded and cloaked figure.