Thursday, 23 November 2017

Eolith Shows Dinosour Depiction?

This find recovered from a stratified cretaceous chalk cliff appears to show a depiction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or similar creature. The chalk this was recovered from was laid down over 66 Million years ago making this an eolith. According to popular science theory their were no humans around at that time to create this artwork.

So what makes me think this find shows a dinosaur image? Well.... the usual 'triggers' or features that I have recognized in other dinosaur like impressions are all present. The large oval nostril, large tooth shape shown protruding from the mouth, the ridge just above the eye, and the overall head profile shape all add up to create a good impression. Oh and I did recover this from layers dating to when such creatures roamed the earth, from a site that has produced some of the worlds most stunning, detailed and topologically consistent prehistoric flint artworks.  

 Above: Other depictions are also most likely combined, possibly horse and wolf like impressions can be seen depending one which eye feature you choose.

 Above: a horse head profile?

Above: a hominin head profile? 

Above: Another Tyrannosaur head profile is shown with all the key features, also a human like hand shape can be seen.