Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fossilized Painted Ape Face profile on Flint Tool.

Another piece from my site, this worked white flint has a very good ape face profile likeness. Although no chemical analysis has been done on this piece of portable rock art, the only logical conclusion would be that the face has been painted on. The 'eye' feature has been enhanced by tiny micro fractures visible in the photo. Apart from that there are no visible signs of flake removal in order to enhance what would otherwise be considered natural inclusions in the flint. The surface is mostly smooth, indicating the 'paint' has been petrified into the patina.

Above: An ape face profile on the right facing left. Also a possible egg motif on the left of the stone.

Above: The right of the flint has many flake removal scars in order to shape and sharpen this flint tool, the cortex to the left may also describe some face profiles.