Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Oval Biface

This oval biface scraper came from my site, as with all of the white material posted on this blog and Revelation in Stone website.The oval is encircled in possible hominid and ape face impressions, many are subtle and hard to catch on camera, and rely on a little imagination. My suspected date for this tool is 150,000 bp.
 Above, an elephants head impression can be seen facing left.

Above, A good 'proto-human' profile can be seen looking left, and a weak head shape right.

 Above, A gorilla like face profile looks right, and the elephant head on the left can now be seen as the front half of a bison facing right.

 Two more face profiles look left.

Above, the left side can be seen as a stack of face profiles, starting with a baboon at the top. 

The biface is very thin. 

 A suspected horned creature looks right.

Another suspected horned creature looks left.