Thursday, 17 March 2016

Standing Cloaked Figure likeness in worked flint from my site.

Another one of my finds showing possible clothing, this time a complete figure can be seen from many angles, mostly from behind. An ocher etched face in the correct location/orientation can also bee seen, but leeching has caused the details to become fuzzy.

Above, more evidence of prehistoric clothing, in what appears to be an image of an out stretched arm wearing a similar type of garment. An eye like feature can also bee seen just above the bend in the 'arm'.

Above, A cloaked face and sleeve can be seen, with hand raised to a face. This image is from the stone shown in this post Bird Effigy Stone and more.

Above, A bearded and cloaked face can be seen, etched in ocher, also the complete profile image of a seated elephant.