Monday, 15 February 2016

Bird Effigy Stone and more...

As viewers of my blog and other blogs will be aware, I have a superior portable rock art collection. My finds show more details, more creature images, common and clear topologies and actual flint tools with the same motifs, something the other bloggers don't do.(Although they do try)

 For those of you who may have 'pareidolia' set in your minds, ask yourself this one simple question: Why can no one else do what I do? Then perhaps search through machined gravel to attempt to replicate my animations!

Bird effigy stone
Above: A clear sculptured duck profile can be seen along with the face profile of a gorilla.

Portable rock art
Above: Another ape like face can be seen, and also what appears to be a human with a hat.

Above: A free standing alignment, showing a possible horse head image facing right.