Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Standing Flint Tool Hominin Face Sculptures

Two more worked flint artifacts from my site, both showing numerous face profiles. Both stand upright unaided. Many ape like head profiles can be seen and some possible Sapiens Sapiens faces. 

As I have pointed out before the faces in these materials are often stacked one over the other, the brow ridge of one, becoming the nose of another, the nostrils of one becoming the eyes of the lower description etc, I have recognized this as a common feature in Portable rock art, or prehistoric graphic visualization tools.

portable rock art
Above: This flint blade tool has many face profiles, probably sub human or ape, although there is one possible human likeness, a subtle elephant head likeness can also be seen. 

Prehistoric hominid face art

Above: Stills of the flint cutting tool, I discovered back in 2012 that the artifacts were often double sided, so the creature displayed could be portrayed as traveling either one direction or the other. You may notice a suspected fossil sea shell seen in the 'eye' feature of the upper still image. A hand holding a rock, thumb facing left, forefinger downwards, is also visible, another common motif which I discovered.

Prehistoric Ape Face Art
Another free standing flint sculpture, however this one is not a cutting tool, besides the ape images it is possible to see a feline face likeness and a possible human face description.