Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Archaeologist's Still Ignorant of Important Lithic Discoveries.

I have a huge collection from my site, thousands in-fact, and mostly with a common topology, That of Bear, Elephant, Ape and Feline head profiles. All of the pieces contain numerous face descriptions, and although a few are Geofacts, by far the majority can be easily recognized as sculptured by our predecessors. I have many standard blade and cutting tools from my site,  these also contain animal images. My find spot is close to a world famous site of important Archaeological discoveries, finds dating back 400,000 Years. Over the years I have contacted many professionals in the field wishing to share my finds and the location, so that a more in depth investigation can be carried out, but alas, no such correspondence has been received.

flint figure stone
Above: The common elephant and front leg motif,  bear head profile also looks downwards.

Above: A feline like head profile faces right.

More face profiles can be seen in these two animations.

Above: another elephant and front leg motif  can be seen, along with a human skull likeness, and the front half of a horse, grazing. From Revelation in Stone.