Thursday, 2 March 2017

Is Sinai 361 a Figure Stone?

Sinai 361 is one of a collection of  stone tablet's, reportedly showing the first ever alphabet. Written in ancient Hebrew and derived from Egyptian Hieroglyphs the 22 letter alphabet is apparently the worlds first. The inscriptions on Sinai 361 have been translated by Dr. Petrovich as:

'Our bound servitude had lingered. Moses then provoked astonishment. It is a year of astonishment, because of the Lady.'

But could the script be written on a Figure Stone?  it certainly looks that way to me, check the right of the picture below, and a simple face profile can be seen, furthermore two more 'combined features' ape like faces can be seen front on, below the face profiles 'eye' feature, this is a stacked face configuration, detailed numerous times on this blog.  The bottom left also matches ape like face profiles seen in my own figurative examples. No doubt more could be seen with better photos and more angles of this piece.

If this is a Figure Stone, and then later inscribed with the first ever alphabet, derived from Egyptian Hieroglyphs, what a bizarre piece showing the evolution of visual communication.

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