Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Indian tools, Elephant, Bear and Dinosaur Likeness's form Keith Fisher, Virginia.

Amateur archaeologist Keith Fisher has in my opinion the best portable rock art to come out of America, his finds are  numerous, more detailed, show clear working marks and far less ambiguous. It could be that the tephra (volcanic ash) coating on many of his finds has helped preserve them from ice age melt water and such like, making his finds very unique in many ways. As discussed previously tephra can be scientifically attributed and dated and with far more scope and accuracy than radio carbon dating techniques. This gives a unique opportunity for dating, stay tuned as we have already put this into action.
Above, a right facing bear head profile likeness can be seen, complete with hair, eye, ear, nostrils, mouth and teeth. If the nostril is perceived as an eye, an unknown and bizarre creature likeness can also be seen. 
Above, the ever popular elephant and front leg motif can be seen, complete with eye, trunk, head, wrinkles, and front leg. The impression faces left on the right side of the stone, slightly inclined. With some squinting of eyes and a little imagination another elephant likeness can also be seen this time in full profile facing right, as if it is pushing down the trunk of a tree. (something I have seen before).
Above, when the elephant motif is turned upside down a dinosaur like impression can be seen, this convention has already been noted by myself in my own finds. Note the suspected crude vulva motif, bottom left, also not at all uncommon in my own finds. 
Portable Rock Art
Above, an unknown face profile impression looking left, eye, nostril, mouth and teeth can be seen. Not unlike the face profile of a dinosaur.
Above, many incised lines cover this piece, the cross-hatching to the left looks as though it occurred at a much later date than the other incisions rightward, due to a lighter shade of patina.
Native Indian Stone Tools
Above, A small selection of Keith Fishers flint tool finds, mostly projectile points, likely spear tips and atlatl tips. These are usually attributed to native American Indian cultures.
Above, more of Keith Fishers amazing artifact collection. This should give confidence to readers of my blog that Keith knows how to recognize worked stone artifacts.