Tuesday, 16 February 2016

More Dinosaur Rock Art?

When I discovered dinosaur artistic impressions in my flints back in 2011 I was a little shocked and disbelieving, other portable rock art proponents laughed at me, one even claiming I had nothing of archaeological interest! (that person has since copied most of my findings, and refuses me any credit.)
Since those early days I have come to learn that many Americans shared my beliefs, many making there own dinosaur portable rock art discoveries before me.

Above:  A typical elephant and front leg impression can be seen. 

Above: two ape like profiles can be seen, top one facing left and the bottom one right.

Above: A bear face profile facing left?

Above:  Another bear face profile likeness faces right.

Above: A dinosaur head profile faces right? rotate the stone 180 degrees and a very similar impression faces left.

Above: an animation of the stone shown in the above stills.

Above: Another stone find from my site showing a double sided T-Rex head impression likeness. Crystal 'teeth' feature in two places on this stone, one patch right at the front and another patch on one side.