Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Why my prehistoric artifacts are genuine.

Why do I make such claims about my stone finds?
The majority of the polymorphic Artifacts come from one small area of Hampshire, they are prolific at the site, so much so that almost every stone visible at the site is either a prehistoric tool or one of these poly glyph artifacts.
But they are just stone's?
Yes, but modification is very visible in many of the artifacts. Nature can produce similar shapes in flint nodules, but these would be cortex covered. I have some of these more natural examples from my site, these may have been used in the same way, under the circumstances of the site its not difficult to see why, I see no problem with prehistoric man taking advantage of a rare natural phenomena. That is indeed why I'm able to find them.
But your just seeing these shapes, like in clouds?
We have this ability to see faces in clouds, and other things. Naturally our prehistoric ancestors would of had that same ability too. My stones carry common motifs across many examples, I can repeat shapes and motifs in my artifacts time and again, and show good comparisons. The shape and form of my artifacts show common topologies, and repeat content, and association by location, nature cannot do this.
These examples are very similar in shape and suspected glyphs, show me where nature brings 3 clouds together same place same day, that all look the same and all have multiple iconography. Surely nobody will claim they can? :-)