Sunday, 25 August 2013

American Paleoart

American Paleoart, is there such a thing?, well contrary to popular beliefs, yes there is!

I'm always meeting new and wonderful people in my research into prehistoric flint tools and figure stones. Recently an American collector contacted me, explaining how he liked my website and enjoyed its content.

The chap was honest and straight forward, and I enjoy those traits in people. So we were set to get on well, from the start.I passed on a few hints and tips, in photography, and a few of the paleoart secrets I have discovered.

The next thing I know, photo after photo of suspected Paleoart and flint tools are arriving in my inbox!

The poor guy is in shock! He cannot believe what he is seeing! and nor can I!

Was there a global common culture, pre-anything most American establishment archaeologists dare mention?

Can this be true? intercontinental continuity between an undocumented prehistoric visual language? Man in America long before most would claim?

Yes, from what I've seen so far undoubtedly there are motif and symbolic similarities between euro and American lithic finds. Although I have not seen the collectors artifacts in person, I have no reason to doubt there validity.

In the next few weeks we will be compiling a post of this as yet nameless mystery man, detailing his American finds and analysing there suspected iconography's.

#USA @ Revelation in Stone.