Monday, 26 August 2013

American Paleoart Update.

I just received this from our mystery American collector, and felt I should  post it right away.

Quite why and how our mystery man came to find this stone is still a mystery to me. But I have noticed our American friend has a skill for recognising the obvious artifacts, as well as the less so obvious, more importantly.

This is a bit of a testimony really, as our American mystery man  has been finding  suspected artifacts, but was unaware of some of the common motifs.

Looking back through his suspected worked materials, only then did he discover motifs I had suggested to him.

It is worth pointing out, that as far as I am aware America has no fossil record for elephants or gorillas. Mastodons it has got though.

Yet here is a stone that seems obviously to be an artifact through iconography alone.

This American rock art find shows an elephants head, looking straight at us, possible pan type gorilla facing right, and another face on the left ear. It is easy to see symmetry in the two faces. This would be a configuration seen in my own British finds, gorilla and elephant are possibly the strongest motifs I have revealed yet, but be warned, I have much to add to the study of #paleolithic #art.