Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Standing Flint Tool Hominid Face Sculptures

Two more worked flint artifacts from my sight, both showing numerous face profiles. Both stand upright unaided. Many ape like head profiles can be seen and some possible Sapiens Sapiens faces. 

As I have pointed out before the faces is these materials are often stacked one over the other, the brow ridge of one, becoming the nose of another, the nostrils of one becoming the eyes of the lower description etc, I have recognized this as a common feature in Portable rock art, or prehistoric graphic visualization tools.

portable rock art
Above: This flint blade tool has many face profiles, probably sub human or ape, although there is one possible human likeness, a subtle elephant head likeness can also be seen. 

Prehistoric hominid face art

Above: Stills of the flint cutting tool, I discovered back in 2012 that the artifacts were often double sided, so the creature displayed could be portrayed as traveling either one direction or the other. You may notice a suspected fossil sea shell seen in the 'eye' feature of the upper still image. A hand holding a rock, thumb facing left, forefinger downwards, is also visible, another common motif which I discovered.

Prehistoric Ape Face Art
Another free standing flint sculpture, however this one is not a cutting tool, besides the ape images it is possible to see a feline face likeness and a possible human face description.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Archaeologist's Still Ignorant of Important Lithic Discoveries.

I have a huge collection from my site, thousands in-fact, and mostly with a common topology, That of Bear, Elephant, Ape and Feline head profiles. All of the pieces contain numerous face descriptions, and although a few are Geofacts, by far the majority can be easily recognized as sculptured by our predecessors. I have many standard blade and cutting tools from my site,  these also contain animal images. My find spot is close to a world famous site of important Archaeological discoveries, finds dating back 400,000 Years. Over the years I have contacted many professionals in the field wishing to share my finds and the location, so that a more in depth investigation can be carried out, but alas, no such correspondence has been received.

flint figure stone
Above: The common elephant and front leg motif,  bear head profile also looks downwards.

Above: A feline like head profile faces right.

More face profiles can be seen in these two animations.

Above: another elephant and front leg motif  can be seen, along with a human skull likeness, and the front half of a horse, grazing. From Revelation in Stone.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

White Flint Elephant Head with Crystal Inclusion

Another highly complex flint find from my site, showing numerous animal head profiles, elephant, bear, ape, and even a whole image of a suspected rodent, which could be the long extinct kimbetopsalis simmonsea.
Portable rock art
Above: an elephant head profile likeness facing left, notice the similarity in the 'splayed trunk', with the previous post, also a whole rodent likeness, the trunk now becoming a tail.

Figure stones
A simple bear head impression facing right.

Above: Two standing linear rotational alignments found in this worked flint artifact.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Flint Elephant Head Effigies

Two more worked flint effigies from my site, both showing simple elephant head impressions facing right. As always the stones have much more figurative content, the minimum age of these artworks, according to the fossil record and climate conditions is 100,000 years old.

Elephant Head Stone Effigy

Elephant Head Stone Effigy

Below, three more flint sculptures showing elephant head impressions, all from my site:

Many more elephant impressions can be found on older posts on this blog and Omniglyphs Blog.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Flint Blade Tool with Centralized Fossil Sea Shell

Another blade tool from my site, as always face profiles are numerous in my materials. Suspected hominid side on views and a subtle elephant impressionist artwork. The fossil sea shell is perfectly centralized, which I have identified as a possible Diodora shell (Keyhole Limpet) Late Cretaceous till recent. This is not my only tool find with a fossil inclusion, this Mesolithic pick has a suspected rare Spriggina fossil of the Pre-Cambrian period 550MYA+.

Portable rock art

Diodora fossil
Suspected Diodora fossil close up pictured in the flint tool above, 5mm across.

The reverse side of the Flint Blade with suspected elephant impression facing right, and suspected hominid head profile facing left.

hand axe with fossil sea shell
A well known Paleolithic hand axe find also showing a centralized fossil sea shell (from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Standing Flint Blade with Subtle Iconography.

Two standing alignments in this prehistoric flint blade tool. The suspected iconography is subtle but numerous. As always ape like face profiles are present and no doubt those used to reading my materials will see other glyphs too. Red ocher etchings cover the stone, but artistic or symbolic usage here is unclear, they could be little stick men.

portable rock art

portable rock art

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Orca and Elephant flint multi-tool

A simple Orca likeness can be seen heading both left and right, elephant and front leg, and a subtle bear or feline on the orca's tip. I would also suggest thumb and nail iconography. The flint is very sharp in places and would most likely have a very specialized use.
stone age flint tools
Stone age multi-tool

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Translucent Flint Blade Tool with Birds and Bears

Many face profiles can be seen in this lithic implement, ape or hominid like faces being the most likely suspects generally. Both a left facing and right facing bear head glyph can be seen along with some subtle bird likenesses.

Prehistoric Artifacts
Stone age flint multi-tool.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lithic Topology

Some very straight forward shape and or petroglyph content comparisons, of finds from my site.
My old favorite elephant and front leg is here plenty, I will leave it at that for suspected iconic creature content, enjoy ;-)

3 of the 4 here are blade tools as well as poly iconic.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Elephant and Diplodocus?

According to that popular thing known as science, the Elephant and the Diplodocus should never have met, there is at least 15 Million years separating the two in the fossil record.