Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

North American Parallel in English Flint Tool Finds?

These flint tools I suggest contain other examples of the paleo language glyph shown in the previous post. Spotting simple shape elements in your finds such as these can help you and others to believe/understand what you have.  This glyph, as others like Terry Brown can confirm can be found in very ancient beach pebble finds, not just in obvious tools. 

The find above is from North America, I found it on Chad's Paleo Indian Pages on Pinterest.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Straight to the point- Lithic assembledge proves figuration topology.

Categorizing the assemblage from my site is a very daunting task, here are some initial results.

The pictures show worked finds from my site, points were selected and placed upright, then points with similar visual characteristics were placed alongside, to some degree.

Everything is worked, all bar one are flint, the vast majority of the stones qualify as blade tools.

Statistics can be produced on qualifying features of any recognized topology.

This is not the whole assemblage of points from my site, as more are added better topographical data will only add credence to some quite obvious findings.

What topology? if he says 'points'...I'll BL^%&Y K%&L HIM!  
I cannot as yet give you any accurate statistics, much more work needs to be done, but here are some common qualities to look out for at the tips of the points:

Double chevrons,  chevrons, inverse Y shapes, marks, chips, spots, sculpted bobble shapes. 

Proof of a topology of shapes incorporated into the tips of the points.

Suggested interpretation:- hooded and cloaked figure. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Rock's and Old Croc's - Prehistoric Artwork

 This prehistoric artwork find from my site here in Southern England can talk the talk. This flint has been modified to show deliberate depictions. Crocodiles were last believed to of lived wild in Britain millions of years ago.

 Above: Feline head profile right, crocodile and wolf  like creature profile left, another example here: Wolf and Horse Portable Rock Art and Flint Tool
  The reverse of the stone also shows another well documented glyph. Run or stand your ground?
 A classic glyph shown rightwards, my interpretation is ape or gorilla, although a slight CCW rotation to this glyph may indicate bear or another mammal head profile.

 A whale?

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Handy that Hand axe - Prehistoric Art

Another Hand axe, can you see the whole hand shape in this flint tool? I have demonstrated this glyph and its variants through various previous posts, a nice comparative example of this glyph can be seen towards the bottom of the second photo from Eolith Shows Dinosour Depiction?
 The hand axe was recovered from the Essex coast while trawling.

 Notice how both hand shapes have a pointy claw like nail feature.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Prehistoric Artwork of Ancient Faces - Figure Stone

This was just a chance find but none the less an interesting figure stone and fine prehistoric artwork. Some very interesting face images can be seen with supporting details. Images appear to be of sub human, ape or hybrid forms. One face which only appears very briefly is actually of a well known and documented motif.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Show us your Elephants - Portable Rock Art

Show us your elephants!, you could become famous!, although I doubt there would be any kind of connection between the two. 

This is a personal invitation to send in one photo of your best elephant figure stone find. All valid entries will be judged on aesthetics, visible modification, subject likeness etc. by those who participate.  The top voted images will be displayed in rank order with full attributions given, name, location, website etc. to any who wish to give details.

Email your photos to: BrettRoxMartin@Gmail.com

Friday, 9 February 2018

Flint hand axe with stunning animal images.

This flint hand axe from my usual hunting grounds shows some very interesting animal depictions. Bear, elephant, feline, ape and hominid like images can be seen. The creature images appear to be of tropical/jungle/savanna species and according to climactic data that would make this one of the worlds oldest pieces of prehistoric art.

Bear and ape head profiles can be seen.

Bear or sloth animated rightwards, classic elephant head profile can also be seen.

This one is a little tricky, monkey and feline like images.

Classic imagery seen in many other figure stones can be seen in this hand axe.

Very complex, relies on the mind being tricked by differing sets of 'eye' pairs.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Prehistoric Micro Artwork Holds Superb Ape Images.

 Another prehistoric flint artwork find from my usual hunting grounds showing some stunning imagery, but this sculpture is only about one and a half inches across its longest dimensions, possibly suggesting that  very small people made and used it.  Study the three animations very carefully.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

More evidence of pigment? in petrefied and worked eye shape on stone age flint tool.

 A very clear and detailed eye shape can be seen on this stone age flint tool, the color detail is embedded into the stone as though pigment has become fossilized into the patina or natural inclusions in the flint are being observed. Evidence would lead us to rule out the latter with this flint tool with more obviously artistic pigment usage. Other examples of clear and possibly petrified pigment usage displaying clear and detailed eye shapes can be seen:- Prehistoric clothing and Crocodile rock.

 Above: note the hair line ridges that make good eye lash and eye brow features.

 Above: The curve of the blade, hair line features can be observed, these are often found on my finds and other figure stone finds, and are the result of an unknown technique.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Prehistoric Stone Tool Glows at Dusk - Eoliths

 This flint tool from my find site shown standing and glowing on my window sill. There are obvious figurative possibilities, the usual suspects.