Monday, 13 March 2017

400000 Year old Neandethal Tools Suggest they were not responsable for Figure Stone production.

A new Article on Phys.Org reveals a funerary Neanderthal site in Portugal dated to 400kbp. Take a look at the biface tool finds in the picture below. Do they look like figure stones? Can you see any possible face profiles or animal motifs? In my opinion very little possible figuration can be seen, and the tools look entirely utilitarian (although I would argue that motifs are utilitarian also.) As I have pointed out before, us (sapiens sapiens) are the only known creators of figurative art, all other figurative items linked to neanderthals could just have easily been stolen by them or attributed wrongly.

Another Interesting point in the article is a quote from Quam, an associate professor of anthropology at Binghamton University, State University of New York.:-
 "The Aroeira cranium is the oldest human fossil ever found in Portugal and shares some features with other fossils from this same time period in Spain, France and Italy. The Aroeria cranium increases the anatomical diversity in the human fossil record from this time period, suggesting different populations showed somewhat different combinations of features."

This may suggest that the Neanderthals were not fully settled genetically, and these differences are due to crossbreeding with sapiens sapiens or others grouped under the homo genus.