Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Another standing flint tool holds elephant impression

Another obvious flint cutting tool from my site, that also stands upright unaided. Unlike most of the materials from my site this one bares few glyphs, and they are subtle. 

A simplistic elephant likeness can be seen facing left, and a possible 'lucy' like head profile impression can be seen on the lower left facing downwards.  

Although the stone stands unaided, I used blu-tak here, as the tool wouldn't stand for long on the uneven spinning platform.

Below: Another worked stone from my site, this could also be used as a cutting tool. Two crude elephant head shapes can be seen, one facing left and one right, this can be used to describe the direction the animal is heading. As a side note the word Eolith comes from the Greek "eos", dawn, and "lithos", stone .