Saturday, 21 November 2015

Flint Blade Tool with Centralized Fossil Sea Shell

Another blade tool from my site, as always face profiles are numerous in my materials. Suspected hominid side on views and a subtle elephant impressionist artwork. The fossil sea shell is perfectly centralized, which I have identified as a possible Diodora shell (Keyhole Limpet) Late Cretaceous till recent. This is not my only tool find with a fossil inclusion, this Mesolithic pick has a suspected rare Spriggina fossil of the Pre-Cambrian period 550MYA+.

Portable rock art

Diodora fossil
Suspected Diodora fossil close up pictured in the flint tool above, 5mm across.

The reverse side of the Flint Blade with suspected elephant impression facing right, and suspected hominid head profile facing left.

hand axe with fossil sea shell
A well known Paleolithic hand axe find also showing a centralized fossil sea shell (from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge)